The Maldives is the perfect place to be during vacations and it would be right to call the Maldives a postcard destination. If you just look at the small islets of Maldives then you will be dazed; with white sand, tropical palms and a turquoise ocean there are not many words that can describe the Maldives.

There are a lot of recreational opportunities in the Maldives that you just cannot miss and that is why it is a must visit the country, the Maldives also has a rich history.

When I was in the Maldives, I was continuously indulged in some kind of recreation and here I will tell you about some of the best resorts and recreation centers in the Maldives.

Dive Club In Male Island

Dive Club In Male Island

My time at the Dive Club was one of the best things I did in the Maldives. There are many island resorts in the Maldives that provide some of the most exhilarating activities, but the Dive Club is something very different. If you are interested in marine life, fishing or scuba diving then the Dive Club is the place to be.

When I was at the Dive Club then I was able to experience some of the best things in life. There were a lot of professional guides on site that were willing to help anyone who is being nervous or afraid.

There are a lot of resorts in the Maldives but the same cannot be said for the capital city of Male, but the Dive Club surely makes up for it.

The Maldives is also home to a lot of amazing wild and marine life. When I was scuba diving at the Dive Club, I got a chance to see some of the most amazing creatures.

The corals that I saw during my trip were unforgettable, there were just loads of fish swimming between the corals and it was all just too good to be true.

This is the kind of experience that you can only have in a few places across the world and Maldives is one of them. The ocean is a huge part of the experience in the Maldives and that is why I was quick to act and go scuba diving just to see what the ocean floor has to offer.

National Museum

The 11th century Buddha head made from a coral stone.

The Maldives has been on the map since many centuries now and that is helped to enrich the history of the region. I am someone who is always interested in history and culture, therefore, when I heard that the National Museum of Maldives in Male was home to some of the best exhibits, I was quick to reach the location.

I believe that no matter which country you go to, it is very important to learn things about the history and culture related to the country. This is because it really helps you to enjoy your surrounding in a much better way.

The National Museum is a great place, it is a three-story museum and is a part of the 17th century Maldivian Royal Palace.

Inside the museum you will find a number of historical artifacts and exhibits, these include things like weaponry, art, household wares. The main highlight, however, is the 11th century Buddha head made from a coral stone.

Artificial Beach

Artificial Beach

Male is the capital of Maldives and although it is one of the most popular locations in the Maldives it does not have its own beach.

That is why an artificial beach was constructed, I visited this beach and I can safely say that it is one of the best places to relax.

If you are someone who does not like to stay in luxurious resorts, then the artificial beach is just the place for you.

There are loads of things to do here.


These were some of the main places and recreation centers in the Maldives that I found most interesting. There are many other places that you can and should visit when you are in the Maldives, but these are the places that I truly enjoyed.

The Maldives is a beautiful place and there is no shortage of activities there. That is why when you are in the Maldives it is impossible for you to get bored. Everything from the resorts to the food is an unforgettable experience.