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Arson in Male' - 1886
from Mysticism in the Maldives
by Ali Hussain, Iqbal Khaleel, Abdul Hameed A. Hakeem, Ali Rasheed, and Shahina Ali
Maldives, Male' 1991

In 1886 an arson campaign organised in Male' by Athireege Ibrahim Didi, included the use of an Addu fanditha man to render the perpetrators invisible. A fresh corpse was secretly exhumed and the liver removed and boiled down into oil.

'To perform this type of fanditha, the performer should remain unclean after his bodily functions. Further, while performing the fanditha, he should remain naked. In this state he begins to recite incantations and burn incense. This to communicate with the malevolent jinni from whom the fanditha man requests assistance in his hideous task. ...the ex-Prime Minister (Athireege Ibrahim Didi) and his conspirators... were to remain in an unclean state after performance of their bodily functions. They were also instructed not to wear any clothing, or to wear the minimum amount of clothing, this also above the waist. It was essential that they should be naked from the waist down.

...upon hearing the fanditha man Kudhu Abu's signal, they were supposed to crawl ashore on all fours, imitating an animal. In this manner they were to approach the mixture of flour and human liver oil.

Kudhu Abu had prepared and apportioned this mixture in advance. Each of the conspirators was to consume his share of this gruesome mixture, and the one unable to consume it completely would betray the rest. Before the night was over the sinful and sacrilegious deed was done...'

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