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The day Hakeem Didi was sentenced to death
Mohamed Shathir
Haveeru 12 February 2000
translated by Maldives Culture

The black magician's trial was held at the Civilisation Club on Tuesday 7 April 1953. An official government document gives the details:
"The judge conducted a very broad and generous investigation, and the jury found that Huvadhu atoll chief Veeru Ali Didi had been murdered. He was given a mixture of brewed tea and poisonous fish. The tea had been prepared by Nilandhoo Hakeem Didi and Viligili Anees (who died before the trial). Acting under instructions, Anees had written an evil spell on very poisonous fish and boiled it in water. The water was then used to make the tea.

The truth of this incident was clearly proven to the jurors when Hakeem Didi repeatedly confessed without any hesitation. He said he had told Anees all about the black magic and how to do it. He knew the poisonous fish could kill a person, and that if a black magic spell was written on it and then the fish was boiled, the person drinking it would surely die."

Hakeem Didi was killed after this trial. Abdullah Jalaluddheen Sheikhul Islam was the Chief Justice of Maldives and he passed a sentence of death on Hakeem Didi.

Aisha, the daughter of Dhon Ahmed, admitted that she boiled the kettle with the poisonous concoction and took part in the preparations in other ways too. The judge's sentence for her was 39 lashes and prison for life.

The black magicians were also convicted of digging up two innocent and pure dead children from their graves in the mosque compound. The corpses' stomachs were cut open and the livers removed and boiled down for their oil. The oil was rubbed on the magicians' bodies, and the children's bodies were eaten.

The people convicted for this offence were Nilandhoo Hakeem Didi, Ali Thakurufaan the son of Dhon Ahmed, and Dhon Dhiyaage Ali Thakurufaan. Hakeem Didi and Dhon Ahmed's Ali Thakurufaan admitted their guilt clearly in court, but Dhon Dhiyaage Ali Thakurufaan denied the offences. However, after considering a confession signed by Dhon Dhiyaage Ali, the judge found that he was lying to the court. The two Alis received sentences of 39 lashes and life imprisonment.

Dhon Ahmed Ali Thakurufaan also confessed to making an flour dough effigy of President Mohamed Ameen, the government leader. He tried to eat the effigy, in an attempt to kill Mohamed Ameen. Although it was proven in court, there is no record of the judge's verdict on this charge.

Fathmath Didi, the wife of Anees, admitted to the court that she served the poisoned tea at her house to atoll chief Veeru Ali Didi. She was sentenced to 29 lashes. However, she was in the late stages of pregnancy and it was decided her punishment would wait until she had recovered from childbirth.

The trial and sentencing took place in the morning, and Hakeem Didi was killed in Hulhulé island at 3.30 p.m. that same day. He was tied to a coconut palm and shot dead. Before the gun was fired, Mohamed Ameen asked him if there was any pious announcement he would like to make, regarding his will, or an appeal on behalf of his children. Hakeem Didi replied, 'No.'

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