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Fanditha Law 1978

The practice of Dhivehi medicine, Fanditha, Circumcision, and Midwifery Act
Any person who wishes to practise Dhivehi medicine, Fanditha, Circumcision, and Midwifery must write to the Ministry of Health for a permit, and must receive a permit before practising anything mentioned above.
In relation to these matters, the Ministry of Health has the discretion to choose to grant an appropriate permit to those who make a request, and may also cancel any of these permits.
Act No:74/78, 5 June 1978, Statutes of the Maldives,
Administration Office of the People's Majlis, Male' 1997

It is an offence to disobey an order given by the court or the law. A person who commits this offence is to be punished by banishment, imprisonment, or being put under house arrest for a period not exceeding six months, or given a fine not exceeding Rf150 [US$12].
Section 88 (a), Penal Code of Maldives

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