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Presidential fanditha magic for Ilyas Ibrahim - 1993
by Mohamed Saleem and Mohamed Bushree
4 August 1993
translated from Haveeru

Dhon Didi, the daughter of Hakeem Didi, has admitted she did fanditha on behalf of Ilyas Ibrahim and his bid for the presidency.

At the request of the Minister for the President's Office, Ilyas Ibrahim was investigated over claims that he made fanditha to take over the presidency. Dhon Didi admitted to police during the investigation that she did the fanditha.

According to Major Abdul Shukoor Abdullah, the officer in charge of the Police Office, the case has been sent to the Ministry of National Security in preparation for court.

Dhon Didi's father Hakeem Didi was sentenced to death many years ago after being found guilty of doing black magic to kill the then President of the Maldives, Mohamed Ameen Didi.

Dhon Didi gave the following statement to the police regarding this matter:

'I came to live in Male' with my children so they could be educated. Habeeba, from Thinadhoo island, Gaaf Dhal atoll [Huvadhu], is a long-term friend of mine living at Maakareege Aage in Male's Machchangoalhi ward. Ibrahim Moosa, Alanaasige, Haa Dhaalu Kulhudhuffushi, the manager of Habeeba's Giri Aridhoo island and living at that house is a friend of hers, and he is also a friend of mine.

One night, during the wet season of 1992 [July-September], Ibrahim Moosa came to my house at Kesinoa, Henveru, and asked me to accompany him and do something for Fathma Fulhu's headache. Fathma lived at Thari Vidhaage in Machchangoalhi.

We went there in a taxi. When Fathma Fulhu was young I used to see her at Endherimaage when I visited my friend from Nilandhoo island, Gaaf Alifu atoll, called Fathma Faan who used to work in the kitchen at Endherimaage.

In those days I was a friend of Hawwa Manike (Ilyas' mother) from that house. But I doubt if the these important people would remember that now.

That first night when I went to Tharividhaage, at the request of Ibrahim Moosa, I read at the glass of water, rubbed the water on Fathma Fulhu, and came home in a taxi.

Two nights later Ibrahim Moosa arrived and asked me to see Fathma Fulhu again. He paid for the taxi and I went to Thari Vidhaage that night. After talking with Fathma for a while, she suggested we have tea.

While we were drinking, Ilyas Ibrahim of Endherimaage, Machchangoali, came in. Fathma Fulhu told me Ilyas Ibrahim's fingers were disintegrating, and cysts and dermatitis were forming on his body. Fathma asked if I could help him, and I said yes.

Ilyas came close to us and said, 'Dhon Didi, would you do fanditha to protect me from my enemies? Look at this.' And he showed me his two hands - three fingers were badly damaged and covered in a fine rash.

That night I read into a glass of water, rubbed the liquid on the damaged fingers, and I gave the remaining water to Fathma Fulhu and told her to rub it on his 'ukuluvalhu' area. Then I came home.

On a third night Ibrahim Moosa arrived again and asked me to come to Thari Vidhaage again by taxi. I went, and that night at ten o'clock Ilyas Ibrahim came in and said, 'Dhon Didi, do you understand what the problem is?'
I replied that I didn't know, and he should tell me.

'Haven't you heard all the talk about me trying to rule the Maldives?' he asked.

I told him that I had heard none of this.

'I have all these problems because of this talk,' said Ilyas. 'Won't you be able to do a fanditha that will help me get into power?'

I replied that I would do it if it was within my capabilities.

The first thing I did was write a 'thaveedhu' and gave it to Ibrahim Moosa and told him to take it to Ilyas and tell him to wear it on his waist. Two nights after I wrote this 'thaveedhu', Ibrahim Moosa came to take me to Thari Vidhaage. There, I was sitting and talking to Fathma Fulhu when Ilyas Ibrahim entered the room and said hello.

He told me that if I helped him, he would succeed. I replied that I was ready if it was within my ability. I told him the best fanditha to gain a high position was the Isroo Fanditha.
I instructed him to get eleven different types of plant tips, a scoop of sand from a newly forming sand-spit, and a screwpine flower, and then I told him that the fanditha could only be done in the person's own house.

When I said this, he said that he lived at Kibigas Dhoshuge, Machchangoali, and we would do it there. I mentioned that a hole must be dug on the southwest corner of the house-block, and he said that even though there was a garage there, he was prepared to break through the floor and dig the hole.

Ibrahim Moosa collected all the things for Ilyas, and then I told Ibrahim to dig a hole in a convenient place at Ilyas' house and have it ready to break the final layer for water. 'We will do that tomorrow at eleven in the morning,' I told Ibrahim Moosa.

He arrived at 10.30 am and took me in a car to Kibigasdhoshuge, where everything was ready. I did the rituals at the hole and broke down into the water at 11 o'clock. A bottle of water was collected, and then the eleven types of plant tips, the screwpine flower and the sand from a fresh forming sand-spit were used. I got Ibrahim Moosa to read the 'Yaseen Sura' and put everything into the hole and covered it with soil.

I gave the water bottle to Ibrahim Moosa and told him to pour it onto the ground beneath the outer door of Kibigasdhoshuge as he read the 'Yaseen Sura'. While I was doing all this, Ilyas Ibrahim was inside the house. He came out two or three times and said if there was anything he could do, just let him know.

This was the most powerful fanditha I did for Ilyas Ibrahim after his request to do a good fanditha to help him achieve the presidency of the Maldives.

In addition, Ilyas Ibrahim asked me to do fanditha to safeguard him from his enemies, and to destroy the people opposing him. I told him to get a coconut from a red coconut palm. When Ibrahim Moosa brought it I wrote the Yaseen Sura on it and gave the coconut to Ibrahim Moosa and told him to bury it in a cemetery. The next night Ibrahim Moosa took me to Thari Vidhaage.

Ilyas Ibrahim came that night and while we were talking he asked me to do a fanditha which would prevent him from being forced to flee the country. For that I wrote a 'thaveedhu' and gave it to Ibrahim Moosa and told him that Ilyas should wear it on his waist.

Later Moosa Ibrahim told me that Ilyas may still have to leave and he wanted me to do a good fanditha which would make him stay. I asked him to get a very young coconut from a green palm. I wrote part of the 'Silsilaa Sura' on the nut and gave it to Ibrahim Moosa and told him to cut it into quarters and throw each section into the sea in each of the four directions.

In addition to all this, I wrote other 'thaveedhu' for Ilyas for different things and gave them to Ibrahim Moosa. I can't remember all the details. The things I have already mentioned were done at the direct request of Ilyas Ibrahim.

For payment, I received Rf 1,000 at diffent times from Fathma Fulhu. When I asked for a pushbike for my child, Fathma Fulhu gave me Rf 1,700.
Among the 'thaveedhu' was one I put in a perfume-style bottle to be buried next to the main gate. I did all this at the request of Ilyas Ibrahim.

I first I didn't want to do anything. Because many days before my younger brother Mohamed Jameel from Nilandhoo told me that Ilyas Ibrahim was trying to get the leadership of Maldives, and that I should do nothing to help him.

But Ilyas asked me if I was afraid to do anything for him, and offered me a Haj trip, and anything else I needed or wanted, and that he would look after me until the day I die. So I said I would do anything he asked for. I do not have permission to perform fanditha.

Fanditha is something I have inherited from my late father, that is why I practise it.

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