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Kotari Chat with the NSS
from an email sent to Maldives Culture
November 2001

'Asheeth' was at this time a National Security Service staff sergeant working for Adam Zahir, a senior officer in the NSS.
'TallBlack'' is a Maldivian living outside Maldives.
The chat was taking place on the Maldivian Kotari channel.

Maldives NSS IRC chat
TallBlack: keen to have a chat, or are you busy
Asheeth: np
TallBlack: are you in male'
Asheeth: yes
TallBlack: cool
TallBlack: i heard that you are a sgt
TallBlack: is that right

Asheeth: yeah a SSgt
TallBlack: excellent
Asheeth: so u are too far behind bro
TallBlack: may be
Asheeth: yeah
TallBlack: are you at work or at home
Asheeth: no in office
TallBlack: ok
Asheeth: ....
TallBlack: i heard that these days cops try to monitor these chat channels
Asheeth: who told u?
Asheeth: no
Asheeth: how can we?
TallBlack: thats true - but i guess you peple are trying - arn't you
Asheeth: no....
Asheeth: i just came to chat with a Malayfriend...
Asheeth: still he is not online
Asheeth: so i am just waiting for him

TallBlack: i guess the fact that you have no conrol over the cybespace must be realy frustrating aye
Asheeth: cannot wait so long
Asheeth: so what are u trying to say??
Asheeth: even the great americans don't have the control
Asheeth: so who are we... poor us...

TallBlack: well, the americans at least let the people be free
TallBlack: and let them do whatever they wanna do - unless they harm others

Asheeth: so do us?
Asheeth: we don't take them..

TallBlack: well, there is freedom in the maldvies - as i have heard
TallBlack: i mean there is no freedom

Asheeth: so why u stay here.. go get lost to a place where u have freedom
Asheeth: and enjoy your life
Asheeth: hehehe

TallBlack: i am enjoying my life buddy
Asheeth: thanks
Asheeth: so why care abt us

TallBlack: so tell me the truth - are you spying on these innocent kids wo get online
Asheeth: why do we have to... when we know the real ppl behind the scence
Asheeth: hehehehe

TallBlack: we care about these things caus you people breach fundamental human rights
Asheeth: hey come on...
TallBlack: the civilised world do not tolerate such barberic behavious
Asheeth: u are trying to say that u work for the freedom...
Asheeth: fuck
Asheeth: even if your damn god father is the president he will use the power
Asheeth: hehehe

TallBlack: well, according to the universal law all human beings are free and born with equal dignity
Asheeth: so??
TallBlack: its our responsibility to uphold the universal law
Asheeth: what more freedom u need
TallBlack: we have got all the freedom
Asheeth: so
Asheeth: is that the only thing u guys knows... freedom and party system...
Asheeth: hehehehe
Asheeth: nothing else
Asheeth: only two words in your dictionary

TallBlack: well, those are fundamental norms or civilised societies
TallBlack: we are trying to civilise people like you who are spying on innocent civilinas

Asheeth: fuck... fuck your fundamental norms
Asheeth: we have power and we will do what ever we want ok
Asheeth: and who the hell u ppl can do
Asheeth: just nothing

TallBlack: lets have a civilised conversation
TallBlack: you have very limited power

Asheeth: put some bullshit in to the net and laugh
Asheeth: hehehehe

TallBlack: we will be laughing, but you will awake all night thinking about what we put here
Asheeth: noway
Asheeth: we don't give a damn shit onto that
Asheeth: hehehe

TallBlack: well, then why are you guys spying on people online
TallBlack: why are you guys intercepting peoples telephone conversations

Asheeth: ohh come.. on... those are rumors from your mothers mouth...
TallBlack: why are you guys screening peoples emails
Asheeth: ppl like your mother and old father talk abt that from the market place
Asheeth: ppl like your mother and old father talk abt that from the market place
Asheeth: ohh come.. on... those are rumors from your mothers mouth...

TallBlack: we have evidence to produce to world ribunel
Asheeth: go
Asheeth: put it
Asheeth: and u will be fucked
Asheeth: hehehehe

TallBlack: and you will be punished for that
Asheeth: is it
Asheeth: very good

TallBlack: we give you aid - we feed you - we edicate you - we provide you sheltor
Asheeth: i like that
Asheeth: so??
Asheeth: but u did not give your sister for me to fuck
Asheeth: hehehe

TallBlack: well, thats explains the quality of NSS personnel
Asheeth: so??
Asheeth: what can u do?
Asheeth: just cry and cry
Asheeth: and see the end of your great ppl... from our hands
Asheeth: hehehehe

TallBlack: well, thats a terrorist threat
TallBlack: coming from a terrorist organisation

Asheeth: so....
Asheeth: yes ... as u wish
Asheeth: u guys can do nothing to us... hehehehe
Asheeth: we will live forever....

TallBlack: we will demorolise you
TallBlack: we will make you people free

Asheeth: FREE of what??
TallBlack: free of oppression
Asheeth: we are FREE ey u motherfucker
Asheeth: thanks a lot

TallBlack: thank you for sharing your frustrations
Asheeth: hehehe
Asheeth: so copy this and send it to the tribunal...
Asheeth: and your Gang
Asheeth: ok

TallBlack: make sure you take a copy this transcript to your boss
TallBlack: i will have a copy for my file

Asheeth: plz
Asheeth: thanks a, lot

TallBlack: why are you thanking me so much
Asheeth: for all what u are doing for us
Asheeth: hehehe

TallBlack: so how is your holy war against rats
Asheeth: good
TallBlack: the you might like to read this
TallBlack: While the United States and its Western Allies open a new front in the war against international terrorism with air raids on Afghanistan's ruling Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorist network, the Maldives National Security Service is faced with a more difficult task- that of eradicating rodent mammals from the vicinity of Male'...
Asheeth: i have already ok
TallBlack: According to a recent press statement issued by the the Ministry of Defence and National Security in Male'...
Asheeth: all abt in that site
Asheeth: ok
TallBlack: The General Staff of the National Security Service have reaffirmed their unquestioning loyalty...
Asheeth: i have already ok
Asheeth: i have already ok
Asheeth: i have already ok
Asheeth: i have already ok

TallBlack: According to a military spokesman, in this operation rat hangouts and mating areas will be specifically targeted...
Asheeth: i have already ok
Asheeth: i have already ok
Asheeth: i have already ok
Asheeth: i have already ok

TallBlack: Military experts say that Mullah President General Maumoon Abdul Gayoom can only win this war if he uses chemical agents...
TallBlack: which site
TallBlack: where and when did you see this stuff
TallBlack: are you there - or trying to get an answer from your boss?
TallBlack: hello

*** Asheeth Quit (Ping timeout)

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