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The Luthfee Letters Part 9
Luthfee's wife harassed by NSS police and fanditha man

by Ibrahim Luthfee
Male' 1999
translated by Maldives Culture editors

Did my wife know my whereabouts when I was in prison?
From the very first time I was imprisoned for two months, and all other times, there were police officers who informed my wife of my whereabouts and what was happening to me. They acted as well-wishers, and were even ready to pay for her upkeep if she ran out of money.

If I was to be taken from the police station to the prison, or from prison to Malé or then back again to prison, or when I was to be released from prison, a group of policemen would tell my wife hours before.

The last time, when they brought me from prison to the court, my wife knew about it. Before I arrived at the court, a sister-in-law of mine was there waiting for me. These were the actions of those who wished me well. According to what these policemen said, the NSS had a personal grudge against me.

One of the policemen phoned and wanted my wife to divorce me and marry him. He said to my wife that I had lost my status because the police are smearing my reputation. He tried to make her understand that I had no future left, my business had collapsed, and there was no way I could start again. He told my wife there was no way of getting a guarantee or loan from a bank or anywhere else. Those who criticise the police will be squashed.

Another phoning policeman had a completely different idea. He said his sympathies and pity lay with me. For the sake of my wife, he sent a man to our house to do sorcery to calm my father-in-law. This man sat with the Koran in front of him and read out some chapters. Then he said he believed some black magic had been done to separate us both, and there was only one way to escape from it. That way involved writing a spell on the side of my wife's body and then washing that writing with enchanted water and rubbing the water on various parts of her body. This would continue for three months. To do this rite, she did not have to be naked.

The next stage of the magic was treacherous. For the following three months he would rub enchanted sandalwood paste all over her body every night, reciting a spell. When my wife said that she would not agree if she had to be naked, the man said she could have a covering sheet. He said he would not do anything inappropriate, and that she was just like a child to him. This anti-sorcery magic was deferred.

One of these policemen, without shame or consideration and without my wife's permission, began to visit our house. Even when he was told not to enter, he came in and told my wife that he would like her to have sex with him, and there would be nothing wrong with her kissing him. He asked her if he could hug her, and then took her hand. When she shook her hand away, he put his hands on her shoulders and tried to force her to sit on a chair. At that time he also grabbed her hand and kissed it, saying what a lovely hand she had.

By this stage, his harassment had become gross. He kept visiting our house, and kept asking her to go to restaurants with him. When he was told that she would not go, he began to send food he hoped she would like, prepared at a restaurant. He phoned her, and kept asking her to have intercourse with him. My wife said the harassment from him was unbearable.

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