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The Satirical and the Serious - 3
Modern Coup Period

The free open air art gallery at the Maldivian Democratic Party rally area, near the Tsunami monument and surf point on the eastern edge of Male', continues to feature satirical graphics and photographs of MDP protests and the violence suffered by many MDP leaders and members in the aftermath of the coup on 7 February.

Visitors to the exhibition will find MDP members and supporters are friendly and happy to share information about the exhibits. Wearing a yellow article of clothing such as a hat, scarf or T-shirt is appreciated but not essential.

Stalls sell drinking coconuts directly in front of the Tsunami monument. Seats are often provided there.

All 'Coup Period' photographs are freely available for use in news reports and the promotion of democracy and justice in Maldives. Click on the photos for larger versions.

Sunrise from the rally area, eastern Male'.

A tense early morning crowd gathers near the stage on 7 March. A few hours before, at 2.45am, police had attacked people at the rally area and thirteen were arrested.
Minivan News has a report of the incident, including video.


Get Lost, Waheed

Serious finger injuries sustained when police attacked MDP demonstrators on 8 February 2012

Injuries of an arrested demonstrator (top), and MDP Majlis member and party chairperson Reiko Moosa in critical condition in a Male' hospital after being bashed by police on 8 February 2012.

Arrests in Addu by the army, February 2012 (photos above and below)

Effigy of current President

Mother Maldives says, 'Resign, Traitor Waheed!
You boys don't realise that I'm MDP...'

Heard of elections? Where is my vote?

Photographs at the Velidoo exhibition area of serious injuries sustained by MDP demonstrators on 8 February 2012.

donate to MDP for the future of Maldives

Three exhibition photographs (below) of the Women's protest on 1 March 2012

womens march in Male' Maldives 8 march 2012Women's march in Male', 8 March 2012

Women being arrested outside the President's Office on 6 March 2012. These women remained after the army used a water cannon to disperse nearly 100 MDP protesters.
Minivan News reported the incident, with video.

Psychological damage is enduring. Stop causing harm.

Traitor Waheed Go Now.

Traitor Riyaz. Your words are meaningless.

Security Services launch - Villa Company Dinghy


Hold the election immediately!

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