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The story of Bodu Takurufan part 9
As told by the famous Buraara Mohamed Fulhu
and written by Al-hajj Ibrahim Ibn Ismail Feeboa

Buraki Ranin asked Gaafaru Kalhu Ubusheymu if he would ask the king of Goa to send them all back to Maldives.
'My lady,' her servant replied, 'except for the time I spend preparing and serving your dinner, I am always at the palace of the Goan king. I have become quite familiar with him so why wouldn't I be able to ask him?'
'In that case,' said Buraki Ranin, 'ask him to send us back to Maldives.'
Ubusheymu obeyed.

Since he was a very greedy man, the king of Goa thought if he returned the Maldivian ruler's sister then he would receive valuable gifts. He ordered a three-masted ship into the drydock and had the area checked for shallow places. These bits were dug out and the drydock deepened. The vessel was assigned with a boatswain, crew leader and crewmen and then loaded with provisions, water and firewood. The king summoned the navigators and gave instructions that the royal sister of the Maldivian king was to be taken to Male'. He told them to do whatever she asked and to return when she gave them permission.

The ship sailed off from Goa harbour with the royal Lady on board and when Goa disappeared beneath the horizon, they set course for Maldives. Soon the country appeared on the skyline and one night about 9 o'clock the ship sailed through Gaadhoo Koa and anchored in Male' harbour.

Buraki Ranin turned to Ubusheymu and said, 'You will never have any influence in Maldives while my younger brother remains king. It's time for him to be martyred... see to it.'

Ubusheymu grabbed his sword and shield and climbed down into the dinghy and came ashore, anchoring the boat at Kabaja. He told the crewmen to stay put as he went ashore to his mother's house. He stood outside and called, 'Mum, mum!'
His mother heard the cry and shouted back, 'I'm not the only women around here who's lost her children. There's no reason to stand there insulting me!'
'Have people really been insulting you every night?' said Ubusheymu. 'It's me, mother. Please open the door.'

Because he persisted, the women eventually opened the door and then she realised it really was her lost son. She was so happy as she hugged and greeted him. In fact, Ubusheymu's mother became so excited that her son told her to calm down and leave him alone. They went into the house and Ubusheymu sat on the small bench while his mother sat on the big one. They talked about general matters and then he asked his mother if she was married.
'Yes, indeed' she replied, 'I'm married now.'
'Who is your husband?'
'He's Hulhudheli Dhon Yusub Kaleyge. When you went missing, Dhon Yusub took over your position as royal butler.'
'Is my step-father coming home tonight?' Ubusheymu asked.
'He'll be back after Dhon Bulhaa Fashana falls asleep.'
'In that case, let's wait to eat until he comes home.'
They were still conversing when Dhon Yusub Kalyge arrived home.
'Here's that son I lost!' the mother said and the two men greeted each other.

She served the food - first the water which the men accepted, and then they sat on the big bench and put their hands in the food plate, said 'bismillah' and began to eat.
'Stepfather,' said Ubusheymu as they ate, ' what do you think? Would you prefer the throne of Maldives or the position of treasurer?'
What can you do being the Maldivian king?' replied Dhon Yusub. 'The real power is with the treasurer. The king can only eat if he provides. The treasurer is the most powerful man in Maldives.'
'Alright, in that case listen... Dhon Bulhaa Fashana only sleeps lightly. Go there and scrape your feet on the floor of the palace. When he hears that he'll ask who it is. Tell him that it is you, his humble servant. He will then ask why you haven't gone home yet. Tell him you were on your way but you had to go to the toilet at the Kabaja beach and there you saw a three-masted ship sailing through Gaadhoo Koa and anchoring at Male' harbour, and you couldn't go home without telling him what happened. At this point I'll hit my shield from where I'll be standing in the combat ground. When he hears that he'll tell you not to make too much noise, and he'll get up and put on his fighting armour. As he gets ready to emerge holding his sword and shield, tell him that you, his humble servant, are only witnessing the preliminaries and the battle tonight, and that you don't even know whether to hit someone with the sharp side of a sword or the blunt side. Ask him where to hit someone in order to weaken an opponent. When he tells you, hit him there and kill him. If he's dead, I'll give you the treasurer's position.'

It must have been because Dhon Yusub wanted the treasurer's position so badly that he was unable to eat anymore. He washed his hands and went to the royal palace and scraped his feet on the floor. Dhon Bulhaa Fashana heard this and asked who it was.
'A humble servant,' came the reply.
'Why haven't you gone home tonight?' grumblked the king.
'Your highness, while I was on my way home I had to go to the toilet and out on the Kabaja beach I looked up and saw a three-masted ship sailing through the Gaadhoo Koa and anchoring in Male' harbour. I couldn't go home without mentioning it to you, so I came back here.'

Just then there was the sound of a shield, and Dhon Bulhaa Fashana told the servant to be quiet as he put on his combat armour and picked up his sword and shield. Just as he was about to walk out, Dhon Yusub said, 'I'm the only one here tonight to witness the beginning and completion of this fight. I don't even know if I should use the sharp side of a sword when fighting or the blunt side. What is the best place to hit an opponent anyway?'
So tonight, Dhon Yusub, you were intending to inflict pain on an opponent without touching them? Look, the secrets you are asking for are the sort of things even teachers don't explain to their students. However, there is no one else here tonight so perhaps I can tell you, even though I really shouldn't. When your opponent is in the forward thrust position, cut the main tendon of the leg carrying his weight. This will weaken him faster than anything else.'
Hearing this, Dhon Yusub also picked up a sword and shield and followed his king like a hero into combat.

As Dhon Bulhaa came to the outer gate he saw someone standing in an attack stance and facing the direction of the Sakkarangnaa Gate. The king raised his sword and shield and leapt onto the combat ground. Lowering himself into an attack stance he looked closely at his adversary and recognised Ubusheymu.
So, he's returned after wandering all over Acheh with my sister, thought the king. I'll check the strength of his legs.
The king stayed low down without moving his own legs at all. His shield was motionless. Ubusheymu had a complete repertoire of Acheh fighting skills, but he couldn't get near even a bite size section of Dhon Bulhaa's flesh. Still he attacked.

Dhon Bulhaa had many opportunities to slice Ubusheymu in half, and as the fight continued, Ubusheymu's legs began to shake and his sweat poured onto the ground. He was unable to keep the attack stance anymore, so he thrust his sword into the ground and hung shield on the sword handle by its strap. Hidden by the shield, he moved backwards. The king thought his opponent was still there and lowered himself into the a dhaadu stance. Ubusheymu moved slowly, keeping himself hidden until he stopped next to Dhon Yusub.
'Step-father,' he said, 'the king is so strong - an unusually strong person or at least someone with great stamina. Even if he held that dhaadu stance all night his legs would remain motionless and his shield as well. I can't keep up the attack stance with my shaky legs. He must have told you where to hit for maximum damage. Hit him there and kill him, and I'll give you the treasurer's position.

Dhon Yusub was greed-stricken by what he heard. 'Son, you go and attack,' he advised. From his hiding place behind the shield, Ubusheymu kept a safe distance as he slipped the shield onto his left hand and lifted the sword with his right into the attack position.

Behind Dhon Bulha, Dhon Yusub began to move briskly back and forth. He did this because he couldn't work out which leg to rest his weight on. This indecision continued for a while and finally Dhon Yusub decided not to wait any longer. It was time to strike! So he lifted his sword up above his ears and putting all his strength into his forearm and legs Dhon Yusub ran towards Dhon Balhaa and struck him on the ankle tendon. The blow sliced right through, but before Dhon Yusub could move back and out of the way, Dhon Bulhaa turned swinging his sword straight through his assailant who dropped into two neat halves. Dhon Bulhaa then moved forward and stabbed deep into Ubusheymu's thigh, right to the bone.

Ubusheymu hopped away on one leg, reaching the dinghy and heading out to his ship. The crew lifted him aboard. Buraki Ranin was very skilled in treating sword wounds. She applied medicine to the wound, turning over the hourglass when she'd finished. When the hourglass sand had emptied, the bandage was undone and the wound had healed. Only the cut remained. Buraki applied another medication and turned the hourglass over again. When the sand had fallen through this time, the bandage was taken off and there was only a scar.

Buraki Ranin turned to the crewmen and reminded them that the king Of Goa had ordered them to take her to Maldives and do whatever she ordered and leave only when she gave permission. She ordered them to go ashore in the darkness and smash whatever they could find in Male' until dawn, when they would return to the ship. Obediently the crewmen lowered the dinghies.

Now listen!

Datijaha Hassan Soru lived at Vakaruge and he had a particularly beautiful voice. He slept on the 'thalhu vakaru' at the Kottey end of Male'. While he was there eating rice and singing songs and raivaru, he saw people from the ship carrying arms and boarding the dinghies. The boats moved away from the ship and he realised something bad was going to happen. Not happy that he was witnessing the beginning of a terrible fight, he couldn't lie down anymore, in fact Hassan knew he had to do something. He ran through the royal departure gate and headed towards Henveiru gate and east along the road next to Veyodhoshu palace.
'You're better off feeding and paying wages to your hens, cows and goats, than to the useless people of Male',' yelled Hassan. 'Dhon Bulhaa Fashana is badly wounded and laying on the combat ground like a sting ray or shark with its head chopped off.'
It was midnight when Dotadafi Eduru Ali Manik in his bathroom heard all this. He was staying at Loajehi palace at the time. The nobleman ran out and grabbed Hassan by the hand and said, 'OK, that's enough shouting, stop it now.'

He left Hassan by the gate and ran into the house and put on his coat and picked up his sword, shield and a fighting stick inlaid cowrie shells. Eduru Ali Manik ran out with all the strength he had in his legs down to Kabaaja beach and saw the small fleet of dinghies. He climbed up on the shore's edge and spinning his stick and shield he leapt and landed on the stones at the harbour's eastern entrance.

When they saw this, the fleet turned around and headed back to the ship!
'Have you smashed Male' already?' asked Buraki Ranin.
'How can we get there?' they replied. 'We have to enter the harbour sailing between two heaps of stones. The Eduru Jinni was on one of the heaps. He scared us and we couldn't attack Male'. That's why we're back.'
Buraki Ranin said she knew how to tackle the Eduru Jinni. She put gold weighing the equivalent of 125 cowrie shells in a tray and climbed into a dinghy and rowed towards the shore. As the boat arrived, Eduru Ali Manik realised it was Buraki Ranin. Spinning his shield and stick he jumped down onto the edge of the beach, lowered the weapons and waited.

The dinghy scraped onto the shore and Buraki Ranin called out his name, asking if it was him.
'Yes, madam,' he answered.
'With my brother dead, the country is mine. Allah willing, I'll be the monarch of Maldives now. During my reign I'll conduct a gong koli ceremony pronouncing you the minister of defence. Here, take this gold and wait quietly at your house.' She handed him the tray of gold which he accepted before returning to his house.

Hassan wondered what had become of all that macho warfare display. So he went to a house just to the west of Loajehi palace where he cut a hole in the kitchen wall and helped himself to some cooked rice, filling his coconut shell bowl. Then he returned to the bushes at Kottey and lay there, eating rice, singing songs and raivaru, while Buraki Ranin returned to the ship and announced, 'I have tamed that Eduru Jinni. Go now and smash Male' and then return here.'

Once again Hassan saw the dinghy fleet approaching and he jumped up determined to do something about it. This time after racing through the royal departure gate he went up through Maafannu gate and along Maafaiyge, Boduveyo, Vah Veyo and Maizaan Square. The man ran and shouted, 'You're better off feeding and paying wages to your hens, cows and goats, than to the useless people of Male'. Dhon Bulhaa Fashana is badly wounded and laying on the combat ground like a sting ray or shark with its head chopped off.'

This time he was heard by Fahafasha Vaalu Koi who was living in Bodu Dhiggaa Gasdhoshuge, Maafannu ward. He came out and grabbed the yelling man by the hand and told him to stop shouting, and then made him come into the house and lay down on the big bench. Fahasha Vaalu Koi put on his coat, picked up his fighting stick and sword and went out running with all the strength his legs could muster. He climbed the shore's edge and saw the dinghies approaching.

Spinning the stick and shield in his hands he jumped up and landed on the stones at the harbour's eastern entrance. Then he leapt over to the western stones. Seeing this, the dinghies again retreated back again to the ship.
Buraki Ranin questioned them and they explained. 'First there was Eduru Jinni and this time, for sure, its Eduru Koi. We can't attack Male' when he's there.'
Buraki Ranin said she knew how to make Eduru Koi submit, and she put another weight of gold in a tray and climbed down into a dhighy.

As the craft came ashore, Eduru Koi recognised Buraki Rahin and he spun his stick and shield, leaping onto the shore's edge and stood there with his weapons lowered.
'Is that you, Fahafashavalu Koi?'
'Yes, madam.'
'Koi, as you are well aware, my brother has been killed. If Allah wills, I will reign in Maldives. Then I'll conduct the koli ceremony which will pronounce you the chief minister. Take this bit of gold and go home and stay there quietly.'
Koi accepted the gold and left.

When he returned to his house, Hassan wondered if the great warrior had done anything at all! As he thought about this, he broke into the kitchen where Buruni Dandahelu Takurufan was living and filled his bowl with rice. Then he returned once more to the bushes at Kottey. He lay around eating his rice and singing songs and raivaru. At the same time, Buraki Ranin returned to the ship and informed her men that Eduru Koi had been dealt with and they were to attack Male' and then come back to the ship.

They agreed and set out again in the dinghies. Hassan saw them coming and knew he had no choice but to raise the alarm once more. He ran through the royal departure gate and up into the island next to Veyodhoshu and Esjehi palaces, past Sikkage and Malinge and near Maavaa Kilegefan's palace. He kept going, past Maabandeyrige and Famudeyrige, yelling as he went, 'You're better off feeding and paying wages to your hens, cows and goats, than to the useless people of Male'. Dhon Bulhaa Fashana is badly wounded and laying on the combat ground like a sting ray or shark with its head chopped off.' He kept on running.

Now listen!

Ulhlhavah Kairu Eduru Uburehen Kaleygefan was living near Galolhu square. Hearing the noise, he ran out and grabbed Hassan's hand and said, 'That's enough, stop now.' He led the man back into his house, and thinking he may be cold Eduru Kaleygefan wrapped him in a sheet and put him to sleep on the big bench.

Then the Eduru put on his coat and grabbing his fighting stick and shield, he leapt into the air, landing at Maabandeyrige. With another spin of his stick and shield he landed at Malinge and from there he took off again, touching down first on the street where Munnaaru is now and then at Mudhdhathulaa Gaagadu Kolhu. His next leap took him to the combat ground where he saw Dhon Bulhaa Fashana lying. He left his stick and shield at the gate and approached the king.

'Was this done by someone who faced you properly, or was it done by a cheat?'
"I was taught by you, Eduru Kaleygefan, you showed me all there is to know about fighting. No one is capable of beating me if they face me properly. Only a cheat could do this.'
Eduru Kaleygefan asked who was standing in front of him during the fight and who was standing behind.
'Ubusheymu was facing me,' explained Bulhaa, 'and Dhon Yusub Kaleyge was at my back. I left Ubusheymu's bones intact because of the affection in my heart for him after he brought my sister back from her suffering in Acheh.'

Eduru Kaleygefan looked over Dhon Yusub's dissected body. If the two halves were measured on scales there would have been no difference in their weight.

He carried the king into the palace, filled the bath with water and bathed him before laying him down in a bed. 'I can't stay here now, your highness,' he said and went back to the gate where he left his fighting stick and shield. Spinning the weapons he leapt up again and landed on the eastern stones at the harbour. Perhaps it was due to his anger, but he continues leaping from one pile of stones to another. As the dinghies approached, Eduru Kaleygefan performed full attack stances on the crests of waves!

The fleet immediately retreated and by the time they reached the ship all had fainted in fear. They were lifted aboard and water was sprinkled on each of them until they regained consciousness. Buraki Ranin asked whether the attack had been successful.
'Madam, how can we land on Male' and smash it? The first time we ran into Eduru Jinni; next it was Eduru Koi and this time for sure we saw Eduru Kaleygefan. We're afraid of him, we're not landing in Male' if he's there! So we came back.'
Bureki Ranin said she knew what would make the Eduru submit, and placed a hiya of gold in a tray and boarded a dinghy once again and rowed to Male'. Eduru Kaleygefan realised it was Buraki Ranin and spun his stick and shield and leapt onto the shore. He lowered his weapons and stood as the dingy grounded near him.

'Is that you Eduru Kalygefaan?' asked Buraki.
'Madam, it is I.'
'Eduru Kaleygefan, when my younger brother is dead, there will be no going back. Holy God willing, I shall reign in Maldives. You would be the 'sella' when I am the ruler.'

She handed him the tray piled with gold but the Eduru hit her bribe with his stick, knocking it into the sea. He turned and headed back into the island to the palace and the combat ground where he recited all the deathbed prayers for Dhon Bulhaa Fashana. He made Dhon Bulhaa Fashana take 'shahada' and then the king passed away.

Eduru Kaleygefan went up to the Naabudhu Khanaa and beat the drum to summon the two regiments. They gathered and the body was prepared for burial and placed in a coffin. Then the Eduru told the regiments to escort Buraki Ranin to the palace. They returned with Buraki who was seated on the royal throne.

Dhon Bulhaa Fashana was buried in the compound of Bodu Galu Mosque. He was put in the tomb of king Abakuru and appropriate ceremonies were performed.

Now listen!

When she was reigning as queen, Buraki Ranin realised she could not fulfil all the duties required of a Maldivian monarch who must attend the Friday and Eid prayers. With this in mind she prepared a letter, placed the royal seal on all four corners and sent it to Vaadhoo island in Huvadhu atoll. The letter allowed the return to Male' of Black Mohamed Manikufan of Rahdhebaige, and she married him. On the next auspicious day he found himself seated on the royal throne, formally renamed Black Mohamed Bandarain. A royal proclamation was circulated.

Buraki Ranin remembered how much work Ubusheymu had done to bring her reign into existence, so she ordered a gong ceremony be conducted for him. On the next auspicious day she summoned the koli man and gave him the gong and stick and instructed him to announce throughout the 12 villages of Male' that Gaafaru Kalhu Ubusheymu was now the defence minister.
'Yes, madam,' said Koli Kaleyge and he walked out of the two houses and headed north.

He walked up to the Palanquin Storing gate and then turned east and walked through the Royal Guards gate and then to the north and inside the Iskander gate then through Hiththan gate and out onto the combat ground. From there he turned east and went up to the two large rocks, Mudhdhathulaa Gaagan'du, near the Esjehi and Veyodhoshu palaces and turned north straight to the tomb of king Nasrudeen and recited fathiha. He turned east and hit the gong.

Eduru Ali Manikufan heard this and said to his wife. 'My lady, that is the sound of a gong heralding me as the new defence minister. From now on, we'll be eating more than rice soup!'
Immediately the woman ran outside and listened to the words the koli was saying. He recited the fathiha and proclaimed the defence minister koli for Gaafaru Kalhu Ubusheymu.

She ran back inside and scoffed at Eduru Ali Manikufan, 'I've never realised that you were Gaafaru Kalhu Ubusheymu! Now I know. I'd like to see what you live on, if you stop eating that soup. The koli is being pronounced for Ubusheymu.'

Her husband ran outside and stopped right in front of the koli man. He grabbed the gong stick and copperplate and threw them into a bush area which in those days was where the Henveiru Bandaara mosque is now. Eduru Ali Manikufan raised his hand and threatened the man. 'If, from this point, on you don't say the koli for me as the new defence minister, I'll separate your body from your soul.'

By the time I finish going around the island I will have said a lot of things, thought the koli man breathing fast, but regardless of whatever happens, there is no way I can enter the royal palace saying that.

He took the gong stick and plate from the bush and said the koli for Eduru Ali Manikufan and then returned to the palace, telling Buraki Ranin that he was no longer able to perform his duties and to find someone to replace him. Buraki said that what had happened had to happen, so she summoned Eduru Ali Manikufan and gave him the defence minister title and sent him home. Buraki then told Ubusheymu that she would have a koli done for him another day.

At the next auspicious time she summoned the koli man and gave him the proclamation, gong stick and plate, and instructed him to make an announcement in the 12 villages of Male' that Ubusheymu has been made the chief minister. The koli man assented and walked out and made the announcement in Henveiru and Galolhu. He made it in Machchangoalhi and headed to Maafannu.

Now listen!

On this day Faha Fashavalu Koi was sitting down and eating his lunch of fish and coconut. He heard the sound of the gong and said to his wife, 'That was the sound of the koli making me chief minister. From now on, we won't have to eat this fish and coconut anymore.'

The wife ran out of the house as fast as she could and listened to what the koli had to say when he was on the street at the south side of Fandiyaru mosque. Once she heard, she ran back home and said, 'Well, looks like you are really Gaafaru Kalu Ubusheymu. Nice to know. So how are we going to live if we stop eating fish and coconut? What else do you have in mind? The chief minister koli is being said for Ubusheymu.'

Faha Fashavalhu Koi jumped up and ran off and found the koli man in the Fandiyaru mosque compound. He had just finished reciting fathiha at the tomb and was walking away. Koi hit the koli man on the side of his face so hard that he dropped to the ground unconscious. He lay there without moving for a long time and when he came to, he gathered up the gong stick and plate and without walking the remaining part of the koli he went back to the palace through the Bodu Kibaa gate.

He told Buraki Ranin to find someone else to carrying out his duties. He couldn't do it anymore. Buraki said she had forgotten about the koli for that Eduru and he could go off and do it and return. So the koli man returned safely after announcing in the 12 villages of Male' that Faha Fashavalhu Koi was the new chief minister. He was summoned to the palace, given chief minister title and then sent home.

Buraki Ranin told Ubusheymu that she would hold a koli for him on another day. That auspicious day arrived and Buraki summoned the koli man to the palace and he was handed the proclamation and had a gold bangle tied onto his upper arm. He was given the gong stick and plate, and Buraki ordered him to say the koli in the 12 villages of Male' to proclaim that Ubusheymu was to be known by the title of Gaafaru Kalhu Fashana Takurufan. A house in Henveiru was vacated for him.

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